Hi all,

I have sad news and some good news.

Sad news first:
This project will, after 7 years of service, come to an end.
I decided as an old player that it was time to let the project go, i dont play the game anymore now for like 3 years. This website is hard to maintain if i dont play the game anymore.
As a result of that i will stop maintaining this site with all the info.

The somewhat good news:
I will keep the site going on my old site where it all started: foe.dppro.nl.
I will try to keep the trade tool updated, please send me an email when there is a new age, with all the information to update the trade tool.

So as conclusion:
This project goes back to its roots on foe.dppro.nl, i will display the whole site as it is now, without images, but i will stop maintaining it (except for the trade tool).

I hope you can understand my decision.

Link to trade tool on the new location: foe.dppro.nl